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How It Works – The Roof Maxx Difference

What is Roof Maxx?

The Difference

At Evo Roof we provide roof maintenance with Roof Maxx treatments. This means we assess the condition of your roof and help you determine if Roof Maxx treatments are the right option for you. We help with the regular maintenance items, but major repairs or replacement are not our focus. We will let you know the best course of action.

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Research conducted by Ohio State University found:

“Roof Maxx restored the flexibility of 17-year old roof shingles, successfully passing the same materials testing required for new roof shingles.”

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How It Works

Evo Roof is a bio-solution provider for sustainable asphalt shingle restoration. The Roof Maxx® treatment seeps into dried out shingles and rehydrates the asphalt with essential oil beads. This process restores flexibility so the shingle can contract and expand without breaking while reactivating the seal tabs on the shingles helping to extend the waterproofing protection. Similar to the soy technology used in Good Year tires, Roof Maxx® is a bio-solution product that was created in coordination with the Ohio Soybean Council. The Ohio State University conducted a study combining with research from Battelle Memorial Institute and PRI Construction Materials Technology and found that Roof Maxx® treated shingles restored flexibility, durability, and permeability values close to that of a brand new shingle.

Your skins dries out and you hydrate it with lotion, do the same for your roof!

As manufacturers try to save money by reducing shingle weight, modern day shingles dry out in 10 years. As the shingle expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations, the dried out shingles crack and begin to fail. This is where Roof Maxx makes all the difference. By rehydrating the shingle and restoring flexibility, you gain peace of mind that's guaranteed for 5 years!

Common questions about Roof Maxx.

Yes! Roof Maxx's 100% eco-friendly formula dries in an hour and doesn't have any fumes or odors to worry about. Because its a natural cleaning agent, you can rest assured that everyone and everything inside and outside the home are completely safe.

Roof Maxx is a maintenance product and therefore only maintains the shingle's flexibility. Roof leaks are typically symptoms of larger issues other than shingle health. When we complete our digital inspection, we will identify any minor repairs that will be covered with our Evo Roof Tune-Up, included with every Roof Maxx treatment. Severe issues with your roof's integrity or large amounts of water damage are not something Roof Maxx is designed to help with. You may need to consider roof replacement.

Roof Maxx applications typically cost 20% of roof replacement. The larger the roof, the lower the price per square. Many other factors are involved with the final price such as pitch, distance from ground, ease of access. Safety options can also impact the cost of the job. The minimum price for a Roof Maxx Application is $1399.99.