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About Evo

Evo Roof Technologies

A Bio-Solution Roof Restoration Company

Evo Roof Technologies was a newer kind of roofing company, one specializing in understanding what problems an aging roof creates and how to get the most life out of an asphalt roof. Since than we have evolved into a more rounded outdoor company called Presto Outdoor. To learn more, visit www.PrestoOutdoor.com!

We’re a family owned business that focuses on customer satisfaction. We’re people just like you trying to make a positive impact on people and the world around us!

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Our Promise

Top Quality Service
Top Quality Service

With experience in building and home maintenance since 2003, Evo Roof Technologies is a family owned business and understands the needs of both residential and commercial customers. Our goal is to give you the highest level of service.

Savings for Everyone
Savings for Everyone

Reducing costs and saving the environment is something we care deeply about. Our treatments save homeowners the cost of installing a new roof while keeping tons of asphalt out of landfills.

To Help Build a Better Future
To Help Build a Better Future

Roof Rehydration is 100% sustainable. Using a bio-technology that will help us build a better future as more and more companies seek to utilize sustainable practices. For us we do this one roof at a time.

Why Choose Us

At Evo, we strive to provide unbiased straight forward information. We provide restorative roof maintenance. We want you to have a well maintained roof using the most sustainable and affordable option on the market. If we determine your roof is past the point of restoration, we will recommend roof replacement. Roof health is serious, and we want whats best for our customers.

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